Process To Painting Plywood Flooring

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Painting Plywood Floors In For Home

Painting Plywood Flooring – There is always some choices about painting plank flooring (wood-loving purists cringe), but the decision to paint a plywood floor is easy. Plywood is ugly, and the more you hide it, the better. There is floor-grade paint for this purpose, but you may be limited colors, and you do not actually need a floor quality color if you are going to seal it all in the end with polyurethane. As you paint anyway, consider doing something more interesting than just a color.

Place a thin layer of sealant primer on the floor, with a brush for cutting the corners and using a roll with a long handle attachment do the rest. When the primer dries, proceed with the color of your choice. This is your chance to be creative. Try adding a color as the background, then using complementary colors to form the pattern, as a Painting Plywood Flooring or a decorative border around the room. Whatever you do, let it dry thoroughly and do not let anyone walk on it until it is sealed.

Buy good, clear floor-grade polyurethane. Do not shake the can (which will create bubbles), but rather gently touch it. Start in the far corner of the room and brush to shine in steady kind, watching the bubbles. Clean up dust before starting Painting Plywood Flooring.

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