Wood Floor Refinishing Training

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Wood Floor Refinishing Models

Wood Floor Refinishing – involves several steps that can potentially ruin your floor if performed incorrectly. Removes a damaged flooring board involves plunge-cutting with a circular saw, which can be dangerous for yourself and on the floor if you do not know how to prevent kick-backs. Practice with a piece of scrap wood and when you’ve developed a technique that can replace boards as needed by drilling large holes in the ends of the damaged boards, cut from their lengths and remove them with a chisel.

Sanding with drum and disc sanders is potentially the most destructive phase of wood floor refinishing. Practice with each machine on a scrap piece of plywood before starting on the floor. You should be able to raise and lower the drum sander in one fluid motion that does not allow machine to dig into the floor. You should also be able to control the lateral movement of the disk sander.

Applying the finish to a floor properly requires a certain amount of expertise. Research the best way to do this with the surface you plan to use. Solvent-based Polyurethane can be effectively brushed on, but you should use a lambswool applicator for water-based polyurethane. You may also want to spray it on, and whether you are using an airless or air spray for this will depend on the size of the floor and the material you are looking for. To use a lambswool applicator, practice spreading water with it on an old wood floor refinishing.

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Wood floor refinishing for basement,

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